7/12/2021                          1st Day of Football Conditioning and/or practice; beginning of 1st 10 hours of                   

                                            conditioning; helmets after 6 hours of conditioning. 

7/10/2021                          2nd 10 hours of conditioning; proceed with shells (helmet/shoulder pads), thump after                                                14 hours of conditioning.
7/262021                           Conditioning; full contact after completion of 20 hours of conditioning. 
7/31/2021 or 8/1/2021     Coach CLinic; location and time TBD

8/2/2021                            Conditioning Continued/Regular Practice

83/2021                             Early Certification/Must be approved by PFYL Board

8/7/2021 or 8/8/2021       PYFL Player Certification

8/9/2021                            Scrimmages may Begin

8/14/21                              PYFL Jamboree (TBD)

8/15/21                              No Scrimmages leading up to opening week in PYFL

8/21/21 - 10/23/21           8 game schedule within 10 weeks (additional week added)

10/30/21                           1st Round PYFL and Jim Thornton Playoffs

11/06/2021                       2nd Round PYFL and Jim Thornton Playoffs

11/13/2021                       Semi-finals and Jim Thornton Championship Game (Locations and Times TBD)

11/20/2021                       Superbowl (Location and Times TBD)

12/4/2021                         PYFL All-Star Game (Location and Times TBD)